WOD: 20100406

Early workout, take two.

I tried this workout, but failed to budget enough time for it. This is what I ended up doing, with 30# cleans and 10# weighted pull-ups:

10 dumbbell cleans
1 weighted pull-up
9 dumbbell cleans
2 weighted pull-up
8 dumbbell cleans
3 weighted pull-up
7 dumbbell cleans
4 weighted pull-up
6 dumbbell cleans
5 weighted pull-up
5 dumbbell cleans
6 weighted pull-up

Time: 16:49

This was really slow. I had to keep fighting with my dumbbells because they're really low quality and the clamps kept sliding off of them. My right elbow was also bothering me on the pull-ups today.

Time to step back, shake it off and get ready to dive back in.

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