WOD: 20100128

Back squat: 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

My first time back to squats since I started doing CrossFit again.

135-155-175-175-175-185 (fail)-180

I feel like the 185 was possible had I been more mentally prepared. I'm looking forward to the next squat workout.


WOD: 20100125

Another scaled CrossFit.com workout today.

Five rounds for time of:
500m row
95# thrusters, 7 reps

Time: 24:41

This was a really frustrating workout: I thought I was ready for 95# thrusters, but I clearly wasn't. The worst 500m of rowing was only 2:08, which means I was spending more time on thrusters than rowing by far. This wouldn't be too surprising if you saw my thruster form.



WOD: 20100122

I went back a few days to try out a workout from CrossFit.com that I had initially considered impossible.

For time: 100 burpee pull-ups

What is a "burpee pull-up", you ask? It's a burpee where the jump transitions into a pull-up. i.e. you grab the bar on your jump and do a pull-up.

I didn't manage to do it quite as prescribed: my gym only has pull-up bars on squat racks at the side closest to the wall where there is no room for burpees. I ended up doing the pull-ups from (movable!) handles attached to the front of the racks where I had more room. The handles were just beyond my fingers, if I stood flat-footed on the ground. I gave a good pull on all of the pull-ups, but I wasn't requiring that I made it over the handles every time (I think I did pretty well though).

Time: 21:15


WOD: 20100119

Deadlifts: 3-3-3-3-3 reps

I underestimated where I would be at with deadlifts. Definitely need to push harder the next time they come up.

135#, 140#, 145#, 155#, 175#

WOD: 20100118

I did Sunday's workout.

- I didn't bounce the ball off the wall: straight up and down
- used 65# for the SDHP and the jerk-presses

Used a continuously running stopwatch instead of restarting a 1-minute timer this time. Definitely adds to the intensity.

Total: 216

Technically not a new record, though this is the most strict version of the workout I've done yet.


WOD: 20100116

I did a scaled version of the CrossFit.com workout today.

Scaling: subtract from 40 for the pull-ups, from 50 for the push-ups.

I lasted 14 rounds, just a little over the 12 they set as the minimum. The squats were getting rough on the 13th round and I thought I could come through on my pull-ups but I came up 1 short.


WOD: 20100113

A scaled main site workout.

5 rounds of max reps of:
105# bench press


I felt incredibly tired today, especially on the pull-ups, but managed to hold myself to reasonably strict form regardless.

It's a bit frustrating: last time I attempted this workout, probably 9 months ago at least, my numbers were much higher but my pull-up form was fairly poor due to a lack of full extension at the bottom. Cleaning up the form takes a lot out of the numbers (as does months off from working out). But at least I get the satisfaction of a truly honest effort now.


WOD: 20100112

I did the main site workout today, except that I accidentally substituted feet for meters. Oops. No wonder it felt so easy.

Time: 8:58.


WOD: 20100109

Today's workout on CrossFit was Fran. I did a modified version (backwards, accidentally).

21-15-9 reps, for time, of:
jumping pull-ups
25# dumbbell thrusters

6:04 minutes. I'm pretty happy with my choice of scaling here, as I was able to push through things in nearly the same way I've seen people push through this workout in videos.


WOD: 20100105

Five rounds for time:
Run 400m
25 sit-ups
25 back-extensions

23 minutes.

Looks like this experiment is going to make me post more, at least.


An experiment...

I'm going to try an experiment: posting my workouts to this blog. I've made a goal to complete at least 2 CrossFit workouts every week this year and I'd like a good place to record them.

Today's workout was a modified version of the "main site" (i.e. CrossFit) workout:

Three rounds for time of:
24 pull-ups
24 dips
75 squats

I did the pull-ups and dips alternating in pairs (I was using a 2:1 pull-up/dip:muscle-up substitution).

Time: 38:20. Ouch.

I was working on getting full extension at the bottom of my pull-ups but my pull-up negatives were basically non-existent. Which is to say that I was dropping off the bar after each one. But I finished, though I wasn't sure I could.