WOD: 20100122

I went back a few days to try out a workout from CrossFit.com that I had initially considered impossible.

For time: 100 burpee pull-ups

What is a "burpee pull-up", you ask? It's a burpee where the jump transitions into a pull-up. i.e. you grab the bar on your jump and do a pull-up.

I didn't manage to do it quite as prescribed: my gym only has pull-up bars on squat racks at the side closest to the wall where there is no room for burpees. I ended up doing the pull-ups from (movable!) handles attached to the front of the racks where I had more room. The handles were just beyond my fingers, if I stood flat-footed on the ground. I gave a good pull on all of the pull-ups, but I wasn't requiring that I made it over the handles every time (I think I did pretty well though).

Time: 21:15

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