An experiment...

I'm going to try an experiment: posting my workouts to this blog. I've made a goal to complete at least 2 CrossFit workouts every week this year and I'd like a good place to record them.

Today's workout was a modified version of the "main site" (i.e. CrossFit) workout:

Three rounds for time of:
24 pull-ups
24 dips
75 squats

I did the pull-ups and dips alternating in pairs (I was using a 2:1 pull-up/dip:muscle-up substitution).

Time: 38:20. Ouch.

I was working on getting full extension at the bottom of my pull-ups but my pull-up negatives were basically non-existent. Which is to say that I was dropping off the bar after each one. But I finished, though I wasn't sure I could.

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