WOD: 20101219

As a birthday present to myself, I completed my 156th CrossFit workout of the year. That was my goal when I started: an average of 3 CrossFit workouts a week for the entire year, and I made it!

I was originally going to attempt "Cindy" (AMRAP20: 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats). That was the very first workout I recorded, back on January 2nd of 2010. But once I got started I realized that my body was really not feeling very good. Instead I decided I would do the same amount of work (9 rounds + 2 pull-ups) as I did on that first workout, and compare the time.

I finished in 12:48. Quite an improvement over 20 minutes originally, even though it wasn't a peak performance for me.

Now it is time to recover, regroup and try to form a plan for next year.

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