WA 365: Fruit

I was full of ideas for this weeks Fred Miranda assignment, but this is the one that I ended up running with tonight.

It turned out to be the perfect assignment: I feel like I learned a lot while setting up and taking this photo.  I'm still labouring on in the absence of flashes, so this was lit with two incandescent blubs and a hand-held LED flashlight.

Here are a few things I learned:
  • When lighting glass from below, make sure you keep the light away from the front-facing edge of the glass.  Otherwise, every little imperfection in the glass glows quite hideously.  I accomplished this with some black bristol board.
  • Making the liquid a little cloudy also does wonders for hiding imperfections, as well as enhancing the glow.  A little milk does the trick.
  • 100W bulbs can make duct tape fail, causing lights to crash to the floor.

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